Burlington Dismas House Auction


Welcome to our first online auction!

Dismas of Vermont’s mission is to reconcile former prisoners with society and society with former prisoners. We are a grassroots organization that provides transitional housing for Vermonters being released from prison. In addition to providing housing, it is our tradition to enjoy a family-style dinner together every weeknight. Our mission and traditions support reconciliation between former prisoners and their community by offering a space to repair harm done, overcome alienation, and participate as a valued citizen with all its responsibilities and rights.

This auction is in lieu of our 35th Annual Community Celebration which was canceled due to COVID-19. We typically raise $40,000 at this event. Our goal for this online auction is to raise $5,000. To help us achieve this goal please share the auction links with your family and friends. Spread the news and get your virtual paddles ready!

All proceeds raised will support our program budget. We are fortunate to live in Vermont and in a community that supports all its members. This auction would not be possible without our generous donors. Thank you!

Next Steps

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