The Burlington Dismas House 2020 Community Celebration Has Been Cancelled

Due to continuing health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, the Community Celebration will not take place in 2020.  We thank all of the generous individuals and businesses who contributed to Dismas in support of this event.
Joseph and Dale Boutin
Walter and Kathy Baumann
Alan and Ann Charron
Chenette Real Estate
Muffy Conlon
Frank and Ducky Donath
Dale and Elisabeth Good
Joanne Haines
R and B Hoehl Impact Fund
Gail Holmes
Gerald and Virginia Hornung
Roger Gibeault and Mary McGinley
Peter and Isabella Martin
Rita Whalen McCaffrey

Richard Myhalyk
Office Environments
Kim Parsons
Robert and Jane Perrin
Robert and Sandra Reese
Patrick Robins and Lisa Schamberg
Michael and Ann Roth
William and Kate Schubart
Donald and Hope Schultz
Society of St. Edmund
John Stewart
Amy E. Tarrant Foundation
Kelly Thomas
Bernie and Beth Tolmie
Bruce and Lillian Venner
Glenelle and Gerald Wetzel

Many thanks to the individuals who planned to participate in the 2020 celebration, including
Master of Ceremonies
TJ Donovan – Vermont Attorney General
Susan Randall, private investigator, will share her perspective on Vermont’s criminal justice system 

Jack Hickey Award
Presented to Sr. Janice Ryan, RSM

Ann Atherton Volunteer Award
Presented to Colleen McAuliffe, Rose Laba, Judy Galdi