Who Supports Burlington Dismas House?

Burlington Dismas House is fortunate to have the support of numerous donors, including local businesses, individuals, and charitable foundations.

Fanny Allen Award to Burlington Dismas House
December 2020
We are pleased to announce that Fanny Allen Corporation has awarded $12,000 to Burlington Dismas House in support of our mission to better the community.

Mascoma Bank Donation to Burlington and Hartford Dismas Houses
October 2020
We are thrilled to announce that the Mascoma Bank Donation Committee has approved a donation of $7,500 for Maintenance Projects. This donation will be shared between Burlington Dismas House and Hartford Dismas House. Mascoma Bank believes that working together is the key to building great communities.

Invest 2 Impact Provides COVID-19 Relief Grant to Burlington Dismas House
June 2019
Invest 2 Impact is a non-denominational, faith based organization that provides funds to organizations that help those in need. We are grateful that they have continued to support Burlington Dismas House; their grant will help Dismas sustain programs impacted by COVID-19 funding losses.

People’s United Community Foundation Renews Support
June 2020
We are grateful that the People’s United Community Foundation, which helps improve the quality of life for residents in neighborhoods served by the bank, has renewed their support of Dismas this summer.

Shelburne Social Services Committee Funds Burlington Dismas House
June 2020
The Shelburne Social Services Committee assists organizations that serve the needs of the citizens of Shelburne. In addition to providing transitional housing to several Shelburne residents over the years, Dismas has been lucky to have many citizens of Shelburne serve as volunteer cooks and local council members. We are thankful to have support from the town of Shelburne.

Francis and Louise Nichols Foundation Supports Burlington Dismas Programs
May 2020
The Francis and Louise Nichols Foundation has made a gift to Burlington Dismas House this spring that will help offset operating losses sustained due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. They also provided a general gift to support programs this past December.

Funding from the Vermont Community Foundation
April and January 2020
We were very appreciative of two donations through the Vermont Community Foundation during the uncertain days of this past winter and early spring.

A Gift from Charlie Burchard Memorial Trust
February 2020
The Charlie Burchard Memorial Trust, established in the memory of a remarkable young man, made a generous donation to our program.

Fanny Allen Foundation Renews Support for Burlington Dismas House
December 2019
For twenty years the Fanny Allen Foundation has provided grants to Vermont non-profits that serve low income and homeless Vermonters. Burlington Dismas has has been the recipient of grants from the Fanny Allen Foundation for many years. We are grateful for this partnership.

Hoehl Family Foundation Partners with Burlington Dismas
December 2019
Cynthia and Robert Hoehl contributed to Dismas and other Vermont non-profits for many years. At Dismas, they shared dinner with residents and volunteered with the community outreach committee. The Hoehl Family Foundation continues their legacy by supporting Vermonters most in need. Burlington Dismas House is especially thankful for the longtime support of the Hoehl Family Foundation.

Vermont Mutual Insurance Company Donates to Burlington Dismas House
December 2019
We are grateful for a grant from the Vermont Mutual Insurance Company that will help provide meals at Burlington Dismas House.

Mascoma Bank Donates to the Burlington Dismas House Program
October 2019
Mascoma Bank is committed to helping their community and customers. We are grateful for a grant in support of the Burlington Dismas program.

North Country Federal Credit Union Supports the Dismas Resident Food Budget
October 2019
North Country Federal Credit Union provides support to organizations that make northern Vermont a better place. We appreciate their donation in support of the Burlington Dismas food budget.

The Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services Provides Funding for Drainage and Patio Repair
September 2019
We were able to improve drainage on the Buell Street lot and create a permeable and pleasant patio area behind the house with help from the Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services.

Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors® Donates to Burlington Dismas
August 2019
Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors® works to build positive communities and relationships. We are pleased to receive a generous donation that will help support the Dismas Community.

Leunig’s Bistro Shares Dinner Proceeds with Dismas
July 2019
Leunig’s Bistro, a French restaurant and bar in downtown Burlington,  donates dinner gift certificates for a raffle and 10% of sales to a worthy local charity once a month.  Burlington Dismas has benefited from Leunig’s generosity for many years.

The Fountain Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation Awards a Grant to Burlington Dismas
June 2019
We are grateful to receive another generous gift from the Fountain Fund, donated through the Vermont Community Foundation.

Northfield Savings Bank Sponsors the Burlington Dismas Community Celebration
May 2019
Northfield Savings Bank has committed to donating 10% of annual earnings to local non-profits. In 2019, Northfield Savings Bank helped sponsor the 34th annual Burlington Dismas Community Celebration.

Burlington Housing Trust, the Vermont Community Foundation, and the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation Support Buell Street Foundation Repair Project
April 2019
In the fall of 2018 we discovered that movement in the foundation of Buell Street Dismas House had resulted in a large crack. Repairs were made in the spring in order to prevent damage to the structure of the building. The Burlington Housing Trust, Vermont Community Foundation, and the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation provided grants that were used to help rebuild and reinforce the foundation.

Bӧswellness Makes a Gift to Dismas House
December 2018
We were delighted to receive a generous donation from Bӧswellness, a local business that manufactures and distributes organic Myrrh and Frankincense products.

Robert Fleming and Jane Howe Patrick Foundation Visits Dismas
December 2018
We enjoyed visiting with Harriet Patrick and Richard Cunningham and learning more about their foundation, and grateful for the grant supporting Dismas House.

Burlington Meals on Wheels Supports Burlington Dismas House
October 2018
Burlington Meals on Wheels delivered hot, homemade food to seniors and individuals with disabilities in the greater Burlington area for two decades. When they closed as a result of a consolidation of services, they gave a large gift of excess funds to Burlington Dismas House. This gift was especially appreciated in a year marked by the loss of a long-standing source of funding and an unanticipated and costly repair to the Buell Street house.