January 13, 2010 I’ve been on F.S.U. (House Arrest) for almost 8 years now. During that time I’ve relapsed several times and been returned to jail. My history on Furlough has been called “egregious”, “ridiculous” and “terrible.”  It was always … Continued


Something positive in my life My name is Paul and I am a resident of Buell Street Dismas House. I was in jail for a year before I heard about Dismas. I was told that if you are serious about … Continued


After years of being in prison, I didn’t know what to expect at Dismas House. I was scared of failing there: I’ve had no day to day responsibilities for a long time. But, I have one responsibility that is with … Continued


Dismas Is Where the Heart Is At first I felt overwhelmed coming out of jail and arriving at the East Allen Dismas. Kim and Richard had explained what my obligations and responsibilities would be at Dismas, but I didn’t really … Continued


Thank you Martin One evening in August, residents of East Allen Dismas along with Volunteer Cooks and staff from both Dismas Houses gathered around the dining table to share in the bittersweet celebration for departing resident Martin. Everyone expressed happiness … Continued


Today marks five months that I have been out of jail. The transition has been difficult and the bottom line is that without Dismas House I wouldn’t be here today. Growing up, my family only ate together at the holidays. … Continued