Videos from Our International Volunteers for Peace

International volunteers share some of their Dismas memories in these videos and slide shows. Since 2001, Dismas has invited international volunteers to live in community with men and women getting out of prison. These volunteers help out in the office … Continued

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My Time at Dismas – Michael Jakob

My time to leave East Allen Dismas House has come with a predictable bittersweet feeling. Going home is always a nice feeling, but I know that I will miss the large number of inspiring people that I’ve met here. Everyday … Continued


Time for Others Time is relevant in every aspect of our lives. We can use it however we choose. I find that in my young adult years I wasted much of my time. I believed money was everything and worked … Continued


Last March, within the first minute of my phone interview with Mary Golek, the office manager at the Burlington DISMAS House, a casual compliment about my immaculate grasp of spoken English confirmed that I was in for an interesting and … Continued

Edward J. Cashman

Many ex-prisoners have no secure home to return to, inadequate employment preparation and opportunity, and a negative self-image. The likelihood of the repeating of crimes is great, particularly at the time of transition, and the resulting cost to the community … Continued