Dismas Day at the Legislature

This year Dismas of Vermont marks 30 years of continuous service and “Second Chances” given to men and women leaving incarceration and transitioning to the community. Dismas has hosted over 1,580 residential stays over the years, and we invited our senators, representatives, volunteers and friends to help us celebrating in Montpelier, at the State House, on April 26th. During the day Vermont lawmakers and dozens of our volunteers dropped by our hospitality center just outside the House Chamber, where they viewed slides, shared stories, met our staff and learned more about Dismas. In the morning that crowd was present in the Chamber to witness the reading into the record of Resolution H.C.R. 371, commending Dismas of Vermont, Inc. for its service. We were so gratified to hear from so many lawmakers that Dismas is well known and well respected for the tough work we do and the difference we make. Click here to read the resolution.