Another Chance, Fresh Start


Early in 2020, the Hartford Dismas House wanted to start a new tradition for their Spring Dinner Celebration, and the concept of the quilt came to life. Residents at our house originated the idea of embroidering words and phrases to express what being part of the Dismas life was about and what it means to their successes. Thanks to four brilliant beautiful women in the community the quilt came to life, each contributing a special gift to this quilt. Susan Parker (former owner of the Hen House in WRJ) acted as the designer, helping with patterns and fabric. Patty Schottes (crafts lover) embroidered the phrase found on the quilt. Joleen Shepard (employee at the Lebanon COOP) put together all the quilt pieces. Finally, Merry Ferranti (retired nurse at DHMC) quilted the final product.

The blending of heartfelt phrases that express the hope and gratitude of the Dismas House residents and the compassion of these women (who knew nothing of Dismas at the start of this venture), helped birth the first Hartford Dismas House Quilt. Although the event was canceled due to COVID, the quilt is now traveling to venues across the Upper Valley, sharing the Dismas story and underscoring our core value: the importance of reintroduction into the community after incarceration and how vital it is to have a community behind all those who struggle to regain a hopeful future.



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