Thank you Martin

One evening in August, residents of East Allen Dismas along with Volunteer Cooks and staff from both Dismas Houses gathered around the dining table to share in the bittersweet celebration for departing resident Martin. Everyone expressed happiness for Martin’s moving on to continue building his new life in the community and his growing business, thankfulness for his upbeat presence for 2 ½ years in East Allen, and sadness at his leaving.

The many thanks passed at dinner that evening were centered on Martin’s positive impact in the House as resident and as Resident Assistant (RA). As RA, Martin was responsible for locking up at night, reporting problems to staff, and providing a leadership presence in the House. Martin performed those duties faithfully which was a huge support to staff, but always went beyond the job description and made it a point to welcome new residents with a handshake and an offer of “Is there anything you need?”  More than one resident thanked Martin for this welcoming act, and described how his many kindnesses influenced their early days as a new resident and their growth into a member of the Dismas community.

I asked Martin on his last evening at Dismas what he was thinking about. He told me that he is grateful for the chance Dismas gave him to begin again, and the opportunity to include his children in the community life of Dismas, but that he will miss the close friends he has made here. He will most remember the shared silliness of a Karaoke number by Bill and Richard during a Halloween party, and the peacefulness of evening snow shoe treks on Winter Retreat in Weston Vermont.

Our best wishes for your continued success Martin, from the entire Dismas community.