Time for Others

Time is relevant in every aspect of our lives. We can use it however we choose. I find that in my young adult years I wasted much of my time. I believed money was everything and worked as many hours as I could in hopes of some day getting ahead. It would take many more years to discover that all of the time I spent trying to get rich would eventually cost me nearly everything.

As I reflect back on my life, I realize how much time I really wasted. Was it worth it? I spent my time chasing the almighty dollar, but didn’t have time to spend it. I spent my time chasing women only to realize I didn’t make time for them. I spent my time drinking and using drugs to unwind only to realize that it would take time to make up for the money I had wasted. I spent my time chasing “The American Dream” when in reality; I had caught it many times, only to throw it away in search of yet a better one.

Today, I have a different outlook on life. I try to make the most of each moment that I have. Today, I realize just how precious time is and how much I value it. I often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do. No matter how hard I try, I can never regain the time I squandered in search of  riches and happiness only to find myself broke, alone, and lonely. Today, I try to be a friend rather than to look for friendship. Today, I work to earn my place in society, not to try and obtain riches… Today, I realize that I am only promised this moment and that could end at any time. Today, I search for the good in each passing moment rather than to complain about the bad. Today, I search for ways to be the best person I can be.

A friend and I recently began cooking a meal once a month at a home for women who were just being released from prison. At first, I was skeptical, thinking I was wasting my time and that nobody would care. I was surprised to see just how grateful the ladies were, and even more surprised when I got a thank you card signed by all. Something told me that I have a new calling in life. I had already been volunteering to cook at another facility, Dismas House, and was cooking for the residents there who had recently been released from prison. They have since opened a new house and I am looking forward to each opportunity I have to visit with them and give just a few moments of my time.

My goal today is to give back to society the things I often took for granted, a few moments of my time in hopes of making even one persons day just a little brighter. I want to see the smiles on people’s faces when they realize that others do care and that they are no longer alone. I want them to see that I look at them as people, not societies forgotten. I want to show them that anything is possible if they don’t give up hope. You might ask what’s in it for me, nothing really you see….. I’m just looking in a mirror of what used to be.

Neal S. Moser