Dismas Is Where the Heart Is

At first I felt overwhelmed coming out of jail and arriving at the East Allen Dismas. Kim and Richard had explained what my obligations and responsibilities would be at Dismas, but I didn’t really know what to expect. What I have found is that Dismas is about making commitments, showing responsibility, creating community, and achieving goals positively.

Dinners at Dismas are something to look forward to. A time to get to know one another, build on community, get to know the volunteers and create friendships. It’s nice to feel wanted and cared for by the volunteers, and I like getting advice from them.

I feel that I am giving back to the community through creating friendships with staff, residents and volunteer cooks. The friendships are gratifying, and make me feel trusted and worthy. There is always someone to help when I am down, keep me on track towards staying positive and achieving my goals.

Because of Dismas House, I have become a completely different person – I can reach positive  goals – I’ve gotten a car and my license back, I have money in savings: it’s a fresh start.

I am very appreciative of the volunteers that cook wonderful meals and spend time with us around the Dismas dinner table, and also for the volunteers that support the events that make Dismas House possible. I have called Dismas House home for over a year, and now I know I have a home where people genuinely care about me and how I do.
Randy Mitchell, Resident