Rutland Dismas

Rutland Dismas House

103 Park Avenue
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 775-5539

Eric Maguire, House Director

Maggie Ganguly, Assistant Director

Geraldine Burke, Assistant Director


Council Involvement

We are currently in search of council
members– If you are interested, please
reach out to Laura at:


Local Council

Dee Bort

Vice Chairperson
Laura MacLachlan

Delores Barbeau

Financial Liaison
Chris Babb

Development Liaison
Elijah LaChance

Terese Black
Cathy Gettel
Megan LaChance
Jeremy MacLachlan
Phil Stephan

Committed Members
Marsha Fonteyn
Will Hunter

Rita Whalen McCaffrey

Executive Director
Jim Curran

Dismas of Vermont, Inc continues to follow CDC and Vermont Department of Health guidelines to reduce the risk for COVID-19 at our houses.