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Residents Go Paint-balling

Residents of the Hartford and Rutland Dismas houses went head-to-head in a paint ball match for fourth of July.

The result was a 4-4 game and a lot of team building! Thank you for the fun time, Vermont Paintball.



Residents Respond to COVID-19

Dismas House for women opening in Rutland

A gap in transitional housing will be filled this spring, when a Dismas House for women will open in Rutland. The house will also provide addiction recovery support in collaboration with Turning Point. This article in the Rutland Herald has … Continued

All Rutland Dismas House residents committed and signed the following agreement.

Rutland Dismas House Commitment

On this day March 31, 2020

We the residents of Rutland Dismas House come together individually and collectively to announce our commitment.

Defined: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity; personally or collectively. An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

  • We individually commit to follow Vermont state order 01-20 shelter in place.
  • We collectively commit to maintaining a clean living environment.
  • We Individually and collectively commit to addressing issues and concerns with dignity and respect not allowing frustrations or emotions to dictate response.


With this commitment we resolve to practice the H.A.R.D (Honesty, Accountability, Responsibility, Discernment) while doing our due diligence in helping keep our loved ones, fellow residents and the Rutland community safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic.