Student Residents

Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, bring an important dynamic to our Dismas community. The interchange between former prisoners, students, staff and volunteers allows for mutual sharing and growth.

As a student resident you will live in a supportive, family-like community. As a member of this community you would have ample experience to practice consensus decision-making as well as problem solving and social interaction skills. Dismas House provides an environment that offers many opportunities for learning and growth, as well as a drug and alcohol free setting that is conducive to study. With program fees of $85 per week covering room, meals, use of laundry facilities and local phone calls, as well as an evening meal prepared by volunteers, living at Dismas House can also be very economically attractive. The possibility of applying for the position as a Resident Assistant with a reduction in program fees offers obvious advantages – both from a budgetary and resume perspective.

Student Internships and Community Service experiences are also available for undergraduate and graduate students. These are arranged in collaboration with staff at local as well as out-of-state colleges and can be designed to fulfill specific course requirements.

Students of Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Law, Pre-Law, Education and other social service fields are encouraged to apply. In truth, involvement at Dismas House as a Student Resident, Intern or Volunteer will be a unique, valuable and irreplaceable part of your educational experience in any and all fields of study.